Daiwa Freams LT6000D-H

July 13, 2018


Daiwa Freams LT6000D-H

LT model to lead a small spinning reel a new era! * In order to lead the state-of-the-art fishing scene, a completely new Furimusu was born from zero. The reel, which is as much as possible the development and small spinning reel of a new era standards, lighter surpassing far the previous work. Support the fight equipped with a Tafudejigiya the engine. In addition, significantly improved improvement and trouble-free performance of the distance by the long cast ABS spool. Big evolution of the basic performance, promises a comfortable fishing by anglers. THE NEW STANDARD, it FREAMS.

Winding length (cm): 101
Gear ratio: 5.7
own weight (g): 330
maximum drag force (kg): 12
Standard winding yarn-weight nylon (lb-m): 30-150
Standard winding yarn weight PE (No. -m): 3-300
bearings (ball / roller): 5/1
handle knob S replaceable / Salt corresponding
mug shield / ATD / air rotor

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