Daiwa Freams LT2500D

July 13, 2018 July 13, 2018


Daiwa Freams LT2500D

Small spinning reel LT model leading the new era! A completely new Freams born from zero to lead the state-of-the-art fishing scene.
Small spinning reel This reel, which was developed as a standard in the new era, realized a weight saving far exceeding the previous work. The engine is equipped with Tough Degi gear and supports fight.
In addition, the long distance casting ABS spool improves the flight distance and greatly improves the trouble-less performance. Great evolution of basic performance promises comfortable fishing by anglers. THE NEW STANDARD, That is FREAMS.

FREAMS reborn with the new small spinning reel "LT".
In addition to the mag shield, durability can be improved by mounting tough dejigia
It also supports long-term use and harsh environments.
Furthermore, it succeeded in considerably weight saving, polishing the operability,
Reel born indeed born with an angler is born.

Winding length (cm): 75
Gear ratio: 5.3
Weight (g): 205
Maximum drag force (kg): 10
Standard winding amount nylon (lb - m): 12-150
Standard winding amount PE (No. - m): 1.2 - 300
Bearing (ball / roller): 5/1
Handle knob S replaceable / salt compatible
Mag Shield / ATD / Air Rotor / Tough Dedi Gear

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