Strike Pro Jumper

April 3, 2018


Strike Pro Jumper SP 90

Type: Suspending
Length: 9 cm / weight: 10 g
Hook : 2
Running depth : 0.7- 1 m
Tensile : 9 kg
Fishing Type: Twitching, Casting
Lure Sub-Type:
Catch Size: asp, bass, walleye, trout, pike
Tungsten , Magnet

A silent model equipped with a magnetic weight transfer system to improve casting and has great performance by different working techniques. At the intermediate level, it has a uniform conducting game with pronounced rolling action. Jerks and pulls on the bait are highly responsive.

Holographic eyes on wobblers Strike Pro Jumper 90SP (NEW) perfectly enliven the bait and serve as a guide during the attack. Simultaneous detailed, designated standard scales for brand Lozenge and slanted notches respectively on the back and abdomen of the dividing strip are well expressed opercula. Making sufficiently resistant to withstand a season of active use without critical losses, limited to a small scratch on a toothy attacks. colors palette includes more than three dozen versions with numerous variations of natural and acid colors.

Strike Pro Jumper 90SP (NEW) with its dimensions is very long range, easy to casting through a decent weight, form factor, and aerodynamic long casting system. The latter consists of a pair of balls and mounted in front of the magnet. In sharp roll balls roll in the tail, providing stable flight by a predetermined distance. With the start of the posting, they go ahead and fixed magnet. Its capacity is enough to lock the balls in front of the chamber and to limit their freedom of movement.

Strike Pro Jumper 90SP (NEW) demonstrates the stability in standing water and torrent. The choice of wiring options are wide but maximum results Jumper points to twitching. Are allowed his soft and aggressive variations, allowing you to keep the effectiveness of baits at different times of the year. Also effective at conducting stop-and-go. In all embodiments, it has a mild stroke without strong resistance. Visual appeal is complemented by a small sound effect that makes this minnow even more interesting for the predator.

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